What Your Magazine Choices Say About You

Who hasn't felt the excitement a subscription to a new magazine has brought? Really?

I have gone through several phases in my life and have, at times, embellished those phases with magazine subscriptions that seemed to fit in at the time.

  • The New Parent Phase - Oh yes, I remember this one well. Nearly 18 years ago, when I became a mother for the first time I started with the parenting magazines and the home-maker magazines. I collected recipes and cleaning tips, read other parents quips about parenting do's and don'ts. See that's when I had energy and I was at home pretty much all day. The house was sooo much cleaner back then than you ever see it now. The kids were cleaner too. If you were to see my 4 yr. old right now, you'd see that she has the remnants of breakfast, lunch, toothpaste and and orange on her face, and the left side of her hair is sticking up with a minor rat's nest. Hmmm.... we'll cope.

  • The Genealogy Phase - Loved that phase. This began when I had the housekeeping, the kids and their schedules, and helping with our restaurant all under the control umbrella. I was able to take on one more task and that was planning our family reunion. I received the book of secretary's notes that had been kept for over 70 years. One entry for each reunion. Looking back on yellowed pages and seeing the actual handwriting of my ancestors, not to mention the price of what they spent on postage and icecream, made something click inside. So, naturally, I started researching my ancestry and was able to update our lineage quite a bit. I was also able to sucessfully introduce a few new fun things at the reunions.

  • The Something Different Phase - Now I know that this phase can be called a lot of different things. But I'll just stick with calling it Something Different. My kids now range from nearly 18 to just over 4. They all help keep up with the house so there is no need for more home-maker mags. I am officially done with changing diapers and breast-feeding, so no more parenting magazines. I don't seem to have the time to spend hours researching lineage anymore. Too much running around with doctor, dentist, orthodontist appointments, track meets, football, baseball and volleyball games, fashion shows and photo shoots; and don't forget my job. I know I'm not the only one to have this much time invested in so many different things. However, having said that, I know I'm not the only one who has woken up one morning and asked, "Who in the world am I?"
I haven't done anything for myself in ages. My intention wasn't to totally cut myself off from the family and all that we do. No, it was simply to start giving myself just a tad more time everyday to do something that I wanted to do. And I've always wanted to write and  travel (which will bring up another point). So I've been spending some time on the computer, typing out some story lines and putting some research together. Great Britain has always intrigued me. I enjoy a good spot of tea and scones. I have always thought that I would like to run my own tea shop and make my own little, pretty sandwiches and sweets. So, back to the topic, I've ordered myself a few more magazines: Tea Time and The English Home.

Tea Time is very inspiring as far as recipes for cutesy, little epicurean delights, pretty place settings and 'tea sommelier' choices to match with the recipes. Now I really want my own little shop!

I have actually just today received my first copy of The English Home. Beautiful photographs! I believe I will enjoy this magazine in the way of getting ideas and logistics for writing purposes. Lots and lots of very pretty English decorating ideas.

Now if I could just win the lotto.....