Not What I Had In Mind

Two things......

1. Okay, when I was talking about a "change", snow in the last third of April was not what I had in mind! The words 'Winter Storm Warning....' scrolled repeatedly across the TV screen last night. We got (at my house anyways) about six inches of extremely wet, heavy snow. Schools closed. We lost power for about twelve hours. Branches broke. Bushes bent over.

Since we were without power my coffee didn't brew. So I went through most of my day at work in a sleepy, caffeine-deprived state, leading, of course, to the caffeine-deprived headache. I was able to sit by a window this morning to put my make-up on, but I had to pack my blowdryer in my work bag, with my shoes since I had to wear my boots - again. But there was room for this because I didn't have my usual thermos full of coffee. Doing my hair at the office definately didn't make my bed head any better. Plus, I clocked in 45 minutes late.

2. The second item on the agenda tonight is that I wanted to let you know that i finished the book, Portobello that had I mentioned in my post Need Stimuli Now... Part II. It didn't have the 'power ending' I was hoping for. I thought that it really just kind of petered out. No big turn of events. No big mystery solved. No surprises. So I suppose I'm not in too big of a hurry to get another of Ruth Rendell's books. Again, not what I had in mind.

I'm on to some light reading now. This promises to be a bit more entertaining and very humorous. A blog that I recently came across, Postcards From Across The Pond, has been surprisingly pleasant to read, and I'll even go out on a limb to recommend this blog.

Well, I'm starting to feel the nightly chill that tells me to get my tea and snuggle down in bed with my book.

Good night!