The Antique Market

Today was the like the ultimate perfect day. The sun is shining. It's a perfect 63 degrees outside. My sister and I met up first thing this morning and we went to a Cuppa Joe in Building 50. My sister had a cherry almond scone and I had the blueberry scone with key-lime icing. YUM! We each had a Mocha Breve with, of course, whipped cream on top. Then we went to the antique market and searched for hidden treasures. Found a few cute items worth a few bucks. It was just so much fun to look and hang out with sis.

I picked up a picture very similar to this...

I think that really, the winter seemed especially long for a lot of people because there seemed to be an air of common courtesy and pleasantness around everyone. So the Spring sunshine was working it's magic.

Next, since we were so parched, we went over to North Peak Brewing Co. Had a Grilled Chicken Pizza and Eggroll Mozzarella Stix. Just right....

After lunch, we trekked across the street to the warehouse district to a super-cute little shop called The Red Dresser. I could have spent hours in that little shop. It's one of those were there is so much, and in every nook and cranny. A mix of handmade, antique, quirky items. Completely LOVED IT!

So, all in all, my sis and I had a very pleasant day. Came home and had some re-heated coffee to help re-energize. Maybe I'll drag a chair out of the shed and sit in the sun, listen to some music and read.

Oh, who am I kidding! I'll probably just fall asleep......(wink, wink).

Please enjoy this links. I wouldn't put them in my blog if I didn't really enjoy them myself.