100 Things

I have recently become a follower of a few blogs that I have come across and have enjoyed reading. One of which had the subject of the 100 Things List, or more commonly known as The Bucket List.

I know this is quite the off-the-wall subject, so just bear with me.

Now, I really don't plan on kicking the bucket any time soon. I believe that I have lots of time left on this earth. However... 100 things? That would take some time to accomplish all of those things. Don't you think?

I think the first item on the agenda would be to actually construct this list. Rather than listing 100 things that I would like to do, I think that I would like to break it down into segments, such as top 5 or 10 places that I would like to visit..... maybe 5-ish things that I would like to create..... complete..... say.....

You know what I mean? Have you given this subject some thought? I would really love to hear feed back on this.
     *What would you put on your list?
     *Do you think you should generate this list without much thought, just jot down what comes to mind first?
     *Would you be completely selfish when creating your list? Should you be?
     *Would you involve fixing wrongs from your past?

Please comment, or email me with your thoughts and ideas. I am very curious about where this subject falls in the minds of different people, different cultures.