Wanna Talk About Me

Remember that Toby Keith song? Do you know people like this? I know lots of people like this, but I am fairly successful at tuning them out.


There is one, right now, in particular, who is really getting on my nerves. And this person is not even in my circle. This person is so 'involved' in her own life and soooo busy, and making sure that all of her friends (or should I say doormats) know just how busy she is and how successful she is, and how hard she works at all of her activities, and how she is in charge of so many things. Poor kid! She's got so much to do and so many people are relying on her.......

Okay, I'm whining. Venting. Usually I hear about this person through someone else. But I have experienced this ego first hand. Uber irritating!

Don't you really just want to say to these people: "Shut up! I don't care. I have, actually, quite a bit of stuff going on in my own life. I just don't feel the need to publicize it to everyone else. I don't need to have everyone know my business and every little thing I did today to make myself feel special. You are extremely needy and selfish and very uncaring of others around you."

I could have drawn that out a little more, but I think you get my point.

I have often found that the conversation goes a lot further and people actually enjoy talking with you more when you ask questions about them. The definition of Conversation is not: Iterating a long stream of sentences with yourself as the main subject. Conversation is between two or more people, all talking, all sharing, all conversing.

Now if only those people would stop talking about themselves long enough to read my blog. Who knows? They may actually learn something.