Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We've had a dusting of snow and man, is it cold outside! It takes a while for me to adjust to the coldness factor every winter. I've just had some leftovers; mashed potatoes and gravy on a slice of bread. Yum! Just enough for a quiet lunch. The TV is off and at the present, there are no shouting matches going on between the kids. Aaaahhhh... I have also discovered a new seasonal tea flavor that I am really enjoying right now. Nutcracker Sweet by Celestial Seasonings. Smooth and calming. Let me repeat: Aaaaahhhhh…..

So, as of last night, I have officially embarked on my “project”. I have begun laying the foundation. Ideas are on paper. I need to find a comfortable place to write. Working on a laptop at the kitchen table is not ideal. And I think I'm just getting to old to sit on the sofa with it actually on my lap anymore. My back cannot take it. Lying on my stomach in bed is absolutely out of the question!

Quite alright, quite alright. I'll just suffer through for now because I know that when I reach my goal I will be sitting at the perfect desk in front of the perfect picture window overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Okay, maybe someplace just as perfect, but closer to home. Yes, I’m dreaming. But I’ve read some books over the past few years that have allowed me to blend a more detailed color scheme into my ‘goal’.

The first two are The Reluctant Tuscan – How I Discovered My Inner Italian by Phil Doran and Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. Those two books got me to thinking that the way of the in-laws might not be so bad after all. They both have their own spin on different Italian stereotypical personalities, but I thought they both also had a Laura Ingalls-ish way of describing the landscapes and the people and the foods. The third book is by Frances Mayes, Every Day in Tuscany – Seasons of an Italian Life. One of these days I will see Italy. Hopefully before I lose my vision, hearing and ability to walk the through the piazza’s. I want to meet the people and eat the glorious food. Of course the fact that they have only three seasons (no winter!) is always a plus.

But for now, I’m here in Northern Michigan, trying really hard to enjoy the frigid temperatures and knowing that I am working really (really) hard to reach my end goal. I’m strong. I’ll make it. I hope you are all inspired to try the tea and curl up with one of the books I mentioned. I wish you a peaceful and warm weekend!