My Bad

So sorry dears. Have not posted in quite some time. I've been a little discouraged and a lot busy.

Summertime, you know. Hot, sticky, sand everywhere. Sunburnt, peeling nose and shoulders. Kids are loving the beach and we are trying to get there whenever we have a spare few moments. Plus, work, work, work.

Also, I've been writing. Writing, writing and more writing. You just wait.... this time, three years from now, you'll be standing in line at my book signing event at your local Borders. Hehehe! Yeah, I know. Don't say it. I can dream can't I? I know that the only four people standing in line at my signing will be my mother, my sister, my oldest daughter and the short, bald man who was just standing in line 'cause these three pretty ladies were in line.

Ummmm. Yeah.

And secondly, I mentioned that I was a tad discouraged.

Okay, a lot discouraged.

Here I've been writing and blogging, blogging and writing and making a few cents a day with the ads I had installed on my site. I have found, however, that for some unbeknownst to me reason, the ads are no longer showing up - just blank space.

I've tried just about everything and you know something? I've tried other host sites to see how they compare to Blogger, and I've always (maybe until now) stuck to my guns, holding that Blogger has the easiest hosting site out of all the others that I have auditioned. Now.... I'm not so sure. The backside of Blogger is a COMPLETELY different story. I cannot get anywhere! Help Forum, Troublshooter, Ad Codes, HTML, XML, Account Verification...... Who knows what all this stuff is. And you can only email the support staff on three specific areas of help - none of which pertain to my issue. I've read some of the Help Forum strands and they aren't exactly helpful. In fact, the support staff seem a little bit flippant in their responses.

And if I wanted flippant, I could get that right here at home.

So, woe is me. Thanks for listening and being so patient in my absence. I will try to be faithful to my viewers and blog regularly - EVEN IF THERE ARE NO ADS!!!!