Thunder Snow

I am enjoying another quiet moment. Which, as you know, in my household, is rare. Everyone is dispersed into different rooms and/or gone from the house for a little while. The TV is off. The dishes are done. The laundry is done for this weekend. Got some good music going on the earbuds. Joss Stone... Blues Traveler. Hmm. Barracuda. Skip.

It's April 3rd and I'm sitting by our glass door watching the snow come down in large, feathery chunks. I've seen a few flashes and have heard some thunder. So, even though I'm sitting here, in a mellow mood and enjoying the peace, my skin is getting goosebumps and I can feel the slight tingle of excitement that comes with lightening and thunder. I have always been hugely afraid of tornado-like weather, but a good thunderstorm stirs the electricity inside of me. I like to look out the window and see the actual lightening bolts and feel, really feel the rumble of the thunder. It just makes me a little giddy and a little silly.

It seems as though we don't very many really good storms any more, at least not any that last more than ten minutes. They come, usually at night (which isn't fair, since I can't truly enjoy them while I am supposed to be sleeping for work the next day). They just start to wake the senses. Then they move on. So rather than leaving me refreshed, I'm usually more in a mood with a darker side to it. Not bad dark, just a little bit of a bad mood.

Not today, though. I wasn't expecting much out of this one. Still, it was pretty cool for a bit. The dark gray sky and the mismatched blobs of snow coming down. I suppose I should just take what I can get and be content with the few minutes of solitude that I was able to luxuriate in.