Bread Pudding and House Elves

Had I known that bread pudding was really this easy to make, believe me, I would have made this a looong time ago! Check my Recipes tab for this super-easy, warm-cozy, make-by-yourself-and-enjoy-by-yourself bread pudding.

I've just showered. It's my bed time. The kids are on Spring Break and enjoying their friends and movie time so the house is peaceful. I can actually hear the kitchen clock ticking. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! I'm sitting hear watching the whipped cream melt down over my helping of steaming bread pudding. I can smell the warm orangy-vanilly aroma. And right now, I don't mind so much that I'm sitting here all alone. In fact, it's really very rejuvenating.

However, in my perfect (and very hush-hush) little world, I think that having the ability to conjure up a quiet little House Elf would be just the ticket. It would have to be a he, or the it would need to have he-ish characteristics, because, really, who's ever seen a female House Elf? Plus, I don't want to take the chance of conjuring up an Elf who just happens to be pms-ing at the time I need her.

So, without going into too much detail and taking the chance on allowing my beloved blog-followers to think that I've flipped my lid, I just wanted to convey that I thought it would be nice to have someone there to talk to and share my bread pudding with. No complaining - only listening to me with great sympathy. Complimenting my choice of hairstyle, clothing, my cooking. And since that someone must be make-believe.....

You see?

But since I don't have the mystical powers and I don't think they sell house elves here in the United States, I guess I'll just have to eat my bread pudding in silence, keeping my thoughts to myself.

That's okay. My pudding is gone. And as I mentioned earlier, it is my bedtime. So I shall bid you adieu and Good Night.