Need Stimuli Now.... part III

I went to my daughter's Trashion show last night. What an awesome time that was. I really had no idea that these kids were so creative. Some of them obviously had parental help, and lots of it. And a few outfits really weren't 'trash'. But overall, there were some very creative and very well put together outfits. I had a really good time watching and voting. I even got a henna tattoo. Just a small on on the back of my hand. I know, I know: I'm just one outrageous mother.

My daughter created a costume for Trashion that was called Woodland Fairy. I thought it was one of the best - and not just because she's my kid. Well sure I got teary-eyed when the model walked up and down the runway, but really, the costume was really, really good. Unfortunately, I do not have a good camera anymore, which, in itself is very aggravating since all of my kids are involved in events that I would really like to take pix of. And what makes it worse, is that I am relying on others to email me pictures of the events.

Now I really can't wait until Trashion 2012! Enjoy the pix1

Mocha and "Woodland Fairy" Model - Trashion 2011