Mother's Are Always Right!

  • Consolidation of Effort
  • Congregation (of what? in this case, brainpower)
  • Focus: concentrate, spotlight, pinpoint
My train of thought has not yet come to the Concentration Station.
It left a few years ago on a track of Disorganization.
  • Shush
  • Don't Run
  • Turn it Down
These are my quotations,
As I issue citations.
Otherwise known as grounding,
The kids all look confounded.

"But why? What did I do?"
Gee, I don't know. Let me show you...

The running, the whining,
The constant repining.
The lamenting and howling,
The stomping and growling.

The badgering and begging.
The bothering and plaguing.
The facebooking, X-boxing,
You think you're outfoxing

A mother who knows
How, when you all grow
Up and get bigger
You will then stop and figure

That your Mother was right.

The regret will take shape
In the form of an ape
An ugly old hack
Riding your back

Until each Mother's Day
With a card you will say
How thankful you are
"Mom, you're a shining star!"

Which translates to:

(Mom, you were right.
I should have listened every night,
When you said "Sleepyhead,
Brush your teeth, go to bed."

But alas! Woe is me.
The future I could not see.
It's far, far too late.
Because they are just like me - all 8!)

You're Mother always told you that you'd have children worse then yourself.

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