A Little Inspiration

As I mentioned yesterday, a little inspiration is necessary for me to get through the cold, winter months. So my youngest and I are sipping a little inspiration right now. Just a simple concoction of powdered hot chocolate mix (with mini marshmallows - that's a no-brainer!), a few splashes of peppermint creamer, some whipped topping from a spray-can (because it's more fun) and a few red or green sprinkles on top. Presto! Magic Hot Cocoa. Guaranteed to make anyone feel extra-special.

 So even though there may be cold, wet snow outside, Claudia and I are warm and toasty, sitting side-by-side. As it were, I was lucky enough to get out of work early and head for home. Philip had freshly-made butternut squash soup all warm and ready for me. The other three kids are still at school. So we three are just enjoying a quiet afternoon.

This is my inspiration for the next couple of days.

 I won't bore you with the details of everything we will be accomplishing this weekend. Between you and me, I'm the type of person who likes reading the latest updates on Facebook, but I gotta tell you: one of my pet peeves is reading just how busy another person's day has been or how many different activities they had to take their kids to. For example: "Cleaned and polished the whole house today. Little Jonny and Katy just got home from school. Now it's off to music lessons, karate lessons and then gymnastics. Can't wait to get home and have a glass of wine..." C'mon people! Does that really make you feel better about yourselves? Okay. You win! You're busier than me. And cooler than me. And probably more stylish than me. :(

Just kidding! Chillax!

I am simply saying that I think you should take a breather and relax! Realize that the kids are going to be just fine without having their appointment calendars filled 24/7. I completely understand the New Age theory of keeping them busy keeps them out of trouble. I don't necessarily agree. I am not raising trouble-makers or conspirators or juvenile delinquents. I strive one day at a time to impress upon them that they should be caring, educated, driven individuals. Sure, let them join the clubs and activites they are interested in without pushing them into every lesson or sport out there. I would suggest pushing them (slightly) into an activity only if the child is a complete X-Box addict. (I suppose in that case, more than slight pushing might be necessary.)

My point is that you should let them be kids. Make sure they enjoy the activities that they take part in and let them know it's okay to try something different if they don't feel that maybe girls softball isn't quite the ticket for them. They're special even without all the busy. Just give them the support they need and the guidance to make gratifying choices. You can do it - and the whole world really doesn't need to know all about it.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the inspiration*!

*Recipe for Inspiration for Kids (of all ages):
1 c. Magic Hot Cocoa (ingredients above - creamer tastes may vary)
1 two-second kiss to the forehead
1 snuggle (a little extra-robust is okay)