Too Hot, Too Cold..... Just Right!

As you may well know, the majority of the country has been just coming out of the grips of a record heat wave. And while most of the time I complain that it's just way too cold in my office, I must admit that the air conditioning felt pretty darn good last week! However, upon walking outside from office to car, the intense sunshine was definately welcomed as it soaked in, clear to my bones. Aaaaaahhhhh! So, so nice.

Right now, though, I am basking in a pleasure on the opposite end of the scale. Okay. Maybe not polar opposite - just a tad way down the scale.

It's a cool 68. My house is calm and cool. No fans are running at full tilt = peace. Even the kids seem more tranquil. Mug of hot Early Grey on my left and a fresh-from-the-oven slice of banana bread on my right.

Comfort food, I missed you.

Belly full... Good sleeping weather.