Good Reads

1. A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh: I am really enjoying this one. While I haven't completed it yet, I am enjoying every page. Balogh has done an excellent job bringing life to these characters. I can picture them perfectly in my mind, as well as the scenery around the river and the homes of the characters. I absolutely cannot wait to find out how the issue between the two main characters will end up.
2. An Afternoon Walk by Dorothy Eden: This was suspenseful enough, even though I had an inkling of the truth at the ending. Eden was superb with the scenery. I could fully envision the house that Kitty and her mother lived in. I was picturing something along the lines of Darren and Sam's house on "Bewitched". I did enjoy how Eden put suspicion everywhere, and on nearly every character. And the ending? I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I will certainly be picking up more of Dorothy Eden's and Mary Balogh's creations. The few that I have found and read are easy reads that quickly pull you in. I also wish to bring home more Daphne DuMaurier from the library. When I discovered her at our local library and brought her home to read, I felt immediately that I had made a life-long friend. And right now, I miss her dearly.