Touching Base

Good evening to all! I just wanted to check in before retiring for the evening. I am exhausted and ready for bed. I think I am drained because of the gray and darkness and dirty snow and cold temperatures. You can definately see that this is also affecting the kids as well. They are being extra poopy lately. I think our family needs some warm temperatures and sunshine and green grass. I can't wait to plant some flowers and get out the patio table and have breakfast on the back deck.

But for now, I will sit here after dinner updating my blog(s). Looking out the window at the darkness, the grayness, the whiteness and my porch with a (half-lit) sring of Christmas lights still up.

I was actually house shopping for a bit this evening. With Cassy at my side, I scrolled through a small British town, looking at posted pictures of the available listings. Fell in love with two. Now I just need to pick the winning numbers and I am so there! I looked at one picture of one of the back yards and asked Cassy if she could imagine having our family reunions there. Her response: "Oh yeah!"

Maybe I should check out listings in Italy..... Mediterranean side?

Like I said, all I need is to pick the winning numbers.

Well, Cheerio dearies!