Toast and Tea

So there must be a full moon, or the "Spring Forward" one hour time change has really done a number on all of us here at home. The kids are in a cranky, zombie-like state. I'll admit that I am a little on edge as well. PMS? Maybe.

Even though it is only Tuesday, I am eagerly looking forward to the weekend. The girls and I plan on doing a little shopping to replace the holy shoes and the stringy undergarments. Maybe splurge on a latte at the local coffee shop. A stop by the library for some new reading material.

And a long-overdue haircut for us ladies. I figured after the shock I gave myself with the dye-job, I need to make it look like it was planned.

My son won't see reason. I have been cutting his hair myself for some time now and he has, over the past six months decided that he would rather grow it out than have a hair cut. Assuming this is because he doesn't like the way I cut his hair, I offered to take him in to the barber. He doesn't want to do that either. His dad and I tried to explain to him that he should pick a style (even one that is a little longer and shaggier) to show the barber so that his hair looks like it should be 'unkempt' on purpose.

Like I said, there is just no reasoning with the boy...

And Princess (nickname for the 4-year-old), has been spending her days with Nonna and Nonno. Nonna takes her shopping nearly every day while Nonno goes for a doctor appointment or for his therapeutic swimming. Nonna tells me "Oh, Princess picked out this cereal in the store, but she doesn't like it, so I'm going to send it home with you for the other kids.... Princess picked out these cookies in the store, but they're bad for Nonno, so I'm going to send them home with you...." I love my mother-in-law. I feel like I've just visited the store myself when I leave her house with the baby, the play-bag and a bag fulll of groceries that Princess picked out.

I've been very low on energy lately. Which really stinks I must say. (Remember Ed Grimley?) "I must say." You'll remember after you watch this clip. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5619097745224237454#

Good night All! Enjoy the clip.