Algorithms Misfiring

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algorithm  [( al -guh-rith-uhm)]

A set of instructions for solving a problem, especially on a computer. An algorithm for finding your total grocery bill, for example, would direct you to add up the costs of individual items to find the total.
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My algorithms for getting anything accomplished today are quite off.
My brain is saying, "Well, if you're taking a day off of work, what are you going to accomplish? Cleaning your bathroom? Framing the kids artwork? Laundry?"
There lies the motivation.
On the other hand, my body is saying, "Blah, blah, blah! I can't heeeaarr you! There's a reason why we've stayed home today and it's called 'you're sick'."
And there lies the energy level.
Therefore, the scientific computation for a clean bathroom is:
Motivation Level + Energy Level = Algorithm
The higher these two levels, the straighter and more direct is the algorithm. However, the lower these two levels, the more unsteady the algorithm becomes, which produces a low to no result conclusion.
My algorithms are definately misfiring today. I'm going back to bed.