Saturday Morning Doughnuts

So about a week ago, I snagged a magazine out of the lunch room at work. While waiting for the microwave to send it's gentle rays of radiation through my leftovers, I stood flipping through the pages until my eyes fell upon a simple picture that immediately made me stop flipping pages and start salivating. Like I said, a simple picture of a plate of doughnuts sprinkled with some powdered sugar. I couldn't resist. In my mind I saw myself getting up early so that I could make these fresh and warm for Saturday morning to go with our freshly ground, steaming hot coffee....

Plan B: Okay, so after staying up too late working on taxes and getting them e-filed (yes, they're done - a little 'raise the roof' is necessary here), I didn't quite get up at the early morning hour that I had planned in my head. Instead, I really didn't start functioning until after my shower, and my coffee, and the first load of laundry. Finally I was able to start making the wonderfully aromatic dough. Cinnamon, nutmeg.... oh yeah. You know where I am going with this.

It is currently chilling in the fridge; relaxing. I will bring it back out of the fridge momentarily and take the sticky dough out of the bowl and put it on a lightly floured countertop and roll out, cut out and fry them up.

Since this is my first attempt, ever, at frying doughnuts, I will let you know the result. If you're lucky, maybe I'll invite you over for coffee or tea and some warm, fresh doughnuts.