Sunday (10-10-10)

Well here it is folks. My very own blog! I'm sure I am starting out just like every other blogger, kind of nervous and unsure of what people will think about my writings. You may stumble upon this wondering "What in the world is this person is trying to accomplish?"

Allow me to enlighten you....

First, let me say that my main intent from this blog is to show my maturing children that they can test drive ideas and/or dreams that they may have without second-guessing themselves and without ending up deleting (scrapping, forgetting...) the whole project when they are half-way through (because believe me, that's what I feel like doing right now with every word I type). I sincerely hope that they can abandon their fears of going outside the lines once in a while. I don't necessarily wish them to be leaders (or for that matter, followers), I just have a sincere wish that they think for themselves and not rely on their peers to think for them. I think you get my point.

Second, I thought that I would make an attempt at entertaining the masses with my witticisms and wisdom. (Don't laugh.) I will be writing mainly about myself and my family, as the title suggests, in the past, present and future. True quips and happenings with, hopefully, some  helpful advice along the way. Or at least to give you all a different outlook/spin on a variety family issues. You can take it or leave it. Just as I tell my kids: "Listen to other people's advice and what they have to say. You can then choose to take that advice or at least use it to help you form your own opinion." Or something to that effect...

Third, I wish this be a "release" for me; to be able to air out the mind, get rid of the cobwebs and start using that piece of brain that hasn't been tapped since English Composition 101 in my (very brief) college days. When I had free reign on writing stories and researching subjects that were of particular interest to me, in those days anyways. And a "release" in another sense. To release my own fears of what others may think. To step outside my very strong-lined box and do this because I want to. I have wanted to for a very long time now. A seed planted in my mind about 14 years ago.

In summary, I would very much appreciate comments; good and bad. I assure you that I am an adult and that I can take the criticism. It's okay. Feel free. My next biggest challenge will be to actually continue this blog. Right now I am actually typing with a smile on my face because I do believe that I have taken the biggest step in this process, and that is to get the ball rolling. The hardest part is over. I suppose it might be similar to an addict admitting they have a problem. Well, here it is... I am admitting that this is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. It's been a secret dream of mine.And if it goes absolutely no where I will still be able to look people in the eye when they ask, and say "Yes. As a matter of fact, I did try that." And there you have it.

So here it is: The birth of my blog. Read it. Enjoy it. Come back often and see what's been happening. And don't forget to leave comments. I know that my pulpy, soft, un-used mind could use a few boosts in the idea department. I sincerely hope that even though there may be typos and confusing run-on sentences, that you do find this blog, if nothing else, an entertaining way to pass a few minutes. Maybe with a chuckle. Maybe with a roll of the eyes. Maybe with a 'hmm'.

Thanks for reading!